Posthuset – Strandgata 41


Tromsø, Norway

Pellerin A/S



The project was to rehabilitate the facades of two buildings with different character. The potential in the original facades were reinforced, in two different design directions. Through such a deconstruction, two apparently separate buildings will then harmonise in scale more with the smaller surrounding buildings.
The tallest building was given a reinforced brick design, with new details and new coloring on thte concrete. This to underline that it is a separate brick red house, separate to the lower building – which in turn was transformed to a more light looking house with transparency.

The curtainwall facade facing Strandgata was replaced with a transparent glass facade on the three upper levels. Brick on the gable and shelf walls in concrete were painted in light colors. The extension and lift facing the backyard was painted in a slightly darker shade to soften the impressions up against the main volumes.

It was important for us to visually establish both the buildings on the sidewalks, bringing the facade colors of all the way own. Thus establishing the visual belonging to the street’s row of buildings and decreasing the backyard’s impact towards the east side.