Project details

Tromsø, Norway


Pellerin A/S

Under construction

Project description

Storgata 25 is a mixed use building in the heart of Tromsø. The building is 6,800m2 comprising of rentable office space, parking and retail on the ground floor.

This is not only a new building in Tromsø replacing a dilapidated warehouse type construction, but it also opens up a new connection with an atrium walkway linking Storgata to the seafront and the parallel street, Strandgata. The facade construction is designed as an “urban camouflage” with both facades designed to fit into the surrounding and varying context. The two streets differ greatly, Storgata is an axes through the city that has smaller timber houses in more or less neat rows. The construction of the facade on the two first floors mirrors these forms. The facade facing Strandgata is more playful. It reacts to the meandering streetscape that follows the form created by the water’s edge and opens up to the fantastic views out to the fjord and beyond.

The office floors have an atrium that brings in light and opens up views to the north towards Tromsø Cathedral.

Construction has started and is planned to conclude in the summer of 2020.