Fredrikstad Cicignon Park




Nordic Group Holding

Under konstruksjon


In Fredrikstads Cicignon Park, together with our client Nordic Group Holding, we have joined forces with Norway Environmental and BioScience University (NMBU) to create a new futuristic blue/green city district. The old hospital grounds also have two high rise tower blocks that are being recycled and renovated as part of the project. Production of concrete has a substantial CO2 imprint. By utilizing the existing blocks we will make good use of these already built concrete structures.

NMBU are creating for this project, systems for converting waste into energy, pool-quality water, and fertilizer for urban agriculture. This will be for the entire area with up to 1000 residential units. Each home will have has its own balcony, for both urban agricultural and amenity purposes. The balcony can be closed as a winter garden, and has a large flower box with wires for climbing plants. Fertilizer will be made available from the biogas reactor (waste).

The new city district will have its own circular economy with greenhouses, renewable energy and heating.The project is planned as a high-tech ecosystem within a circular economy and urban agriculture in an area of ​​approximately 80,000 m2.The project is partly made possible with funds from SiEUGreen,
The EU Research project on sustainability, urban agriculture and smart cities.