Skøyen, Oslo, Norway

15 000m²

Rein Eiendom


The office building SjølystArken (ca.18800m² net lettable) is situated at Skøyen in Oslo. The site is located where the city’s main western approach along the fjord, meets the city centre – a place with panoramic views of the picturesque fjord islands and the city’s surrounding green hilly backdrop.
The complex nature of the site (above an existing food store and adjacent garage – both in continuous operation – and close to the busy E18 Highway) has informed the varying forms, expressions and materiality of the project. Part of a larger masterplan, sensitivity has been required in placement and massing, with subsequent adjustments in layout to ensure the underlying residential units are allowed a fjord edge.

Towards the city we follow the street and cornice height datum to align with the neighbouring buildings. However when the building turns to meet the landscape, the facade changes both in direction and design character – developing a double curved form, which gradually reaches out towards the fjord landscape, like the bow of a ship – a landmark.

During the design process we have used both physical and 3D computer models to identify and realise the geometry of this project. These have been instrumental in generating the optimal triangulated format to construct the glazed envelope for the double curved facade, whilst simultaneously addressing the technical issues created by the E18 Highway. In spite of the large glass facades the building is projected to be within the new EU energy consumption rules.