Værnes Airport Hotel

Trondheim, Norway

8 600 m²



The hotel is designed as an iconic building. It will be placed in what today is a green lung with a view towards the fjord. The hotel is situated between the terminal and the railroad, with the bus stop and traffi c right in front of the hotel. The view from the traffi c area towards the fjord is kept by lifting the room wing

with a 5 meter free view under it. The ground floor is designed as a detached wing-shaped building that contains conference, reception, lobby, bar and restaurant.

The roof lies as a slight floating wing above the floor and sticks out to make a sunshade and baldachin. Along the south facade, it gives shelter for the

pedestrians on their way to – or passing the hotel. The lifted arrival area will mark itself clearly in the airport area, and it will be easy to find. The interior volumes

for closed functions like kitchen and conference, make their mark inside the glass wall, they penetrate the glass facade in north and west. The two main shapes are

here joined by a heavy vertical foundation with elevator and staircase. To obtain a light expression, glass is the main material in the facades, as glass panels.

Towards the west the hotel room wing has a long, straight facade with horizontal windows and elements that underlines the long, fl oating facade. The hotel corridors

are open towards the surroundings in each end. The elevator lobbies on each floor have a nice view to the terminal and the air traffic.