Project details

Hundsund, Bærum

Forneby Utvikling


Project description

This property is between Hundsund and Koksabukta. With its proximity to the Oslo Fjord and the city it is graced with the natural qualities of sun, a view and atmosphere. The gabled houses stretch toward the pond that mimics the old coastline and stresses a nearness to the sea. Utilising dark wood panelling and large open sections, they have a north-south orientation, providing lots of sun and fine views − even further into the area where white stucco houses have sprinklings of signal colours. The urban villas were given highly flexible floor plans and are positioned as dots in the midst of the building development

The flats open in three directions. The row houses have rooms linked to a central stairwell that add qualities to all the floors. The curved building is expressively shaped, promoting an irregular floor plan solution that offers different qualities on all sides of the building. Together with the row houses, the curved building creates an outdoor space facing the northwest and the urban villas.