Oslo Børs (Oslo Stock Exchange)

Oslo, Norway



Oslo Stock Exchange was built in 1826-28. The building was originally built in a strict, dorian, empire style. In 1910, the building was extended in two parts towards the south of the original building. , Oslo Stock Exchange has had an enormous growth, and the amount of employees has increased from about 40 to about 100 persons. The Stock Exchange building needed to increase in size to accomodate the increased number of staff

Oslo Stock Exchange requested architect Niels Torp to generate ideas on how this unique property could accomodate the whole organisation and still keep its existing character, whilst at the same time creating a modern, beautiful and efficient interior.

The number of working places has increased enormously, the internal communication environmental conditions of the offices have been more satisfactory.
The intention of linking the interior spaces togeher has been achieved by establishing void spaces and balconies in the corners of the open workspaces over two storeys.