Fornebu Local Centre

Fornebu, Bærum

23 000m²

Not built

The closure of Fornebu airport has left the city of Oslo with a unique development opportunity. Located approximately 8 kilometres south-west of Oslo city centre, Fornebu sits on a peninsular that juts out into the Oslo fjord, and has become a prime area for development within an expanding city, that will consist of new housing, businesses, retail, recreation and conservation projects.

The primary objective has been to enhance the natural coastal and woodland environment, so it is no coincidence that the masterplan reflects the ‘Garden City’ concept that originated with Ebenezer Howard a century earlier. The new ‘City of Fornebu’ is centred around a central park, with ring roads that radiate out to the old airport highway that connects into the centre of Oslo. From the central park, a series of ‘green’ axis and vistas fan out towards the fjord and inland towards the hillsides, connecting the site both visually and physically with its surroundings.

Fornebu Områdesenter will be the local public centre of the ‘ City of Fornebu’, and will consist of retail, cultural, commercial, leisure and residential projects.