Oslo, Norway


Linstow Eiendom


The buildings command fine, intimate views eastwards into the Smestaddammen lake and its associated parkland, as well as panoramic views southwards over the distant Oslo Fjord.


The site was a neglected and inaccessible nature reserve, marred by overgrown vegetation and a dried-up lake as the dominant feature.
The development has restored the Smestaddammen lake and parkland to its natural beauty.
The new offices are set back from the lake and are kept down to 4 storeys to make a balanced and harmonious fusion between nature and buildings.


Each building is made up to office wings gathered around a glass-covered atrium.
Building A opens up towards the lake and parkland in the east through a glazed façade.
An exposed concrete grid in front of the glazing provides a stimulating play of light and shade.
Building C is oriented towards the panoramic views in the south through the glass enclosure of the atrium.
Building B with its curved facades of glass and metal forms the ?hub? of the development and conveys the directional changes in the development structure.

Project team: Project responsible: Niels A. Torp
Team leader: Dag Leyre Olsen
Collaborators: Harald Heie, Halvor Eliassen, Joyce Battersby, Geir Vågen, Anne Merete Knap, Kari Anne Aukan

Presented in: Byggenytt nr. 10 / 2000
Glass & Fasade nr. 4 / 2000
World Architecture 24. March 2001