The Soloist, Belfast

Project details

Belfast, Ireland


William Ewart Properties / Patton Construction


Project description

The Soloist – No 2 Lanyon Place – Belfast

The Lanyon Place development is one of the legacies of the Lagonside Corporation set up in the 1980′s to implement the regeneration along the banks of the river Lagon. The No 2 Lanyon Place site has been defined by the Lanyon Place masterplan that has been implemented by Lagonside Corporation, with Waterfront Hall as its centre piece.

No 2 Lanyon Place is situated at the main vehicular access to Lanyon Place. It is bound to the South by May Street and to the West by Oxford Street, facing the Royal Courts of Justice. To the East the site addresses Waterfront hall and its pedestrian Plaza, and to the North the site addresses the Plaza and the river Lagon, with views towards the junction with Chichester St.

The objective of the scheme is to create a landmark building that complements Waterfront hall, and establishes an entrance to the overall Lanyon Place site.

The design has been developed to enhance pedestrian routes through the site, and shield the site from South Westerly winds.

The building consists of five storeys of accommodation, with a plant room on the roof. As defined by the Lanyon Place masterplan the roof height lines through with the parapet of Waterfront Hall.

With an area of 10,500m², it is proposed that the ground floor will consist of commercial or mixed use accommodation, whilst the upper floors will consist of category A commercial office use. The building sits either side of an Arcade that slices through the building on a Northeast – Southwest axis creating a pedestrian route from St. Georges Market to the entrance of Waterfront Hall. It is envisaged that the arcade will become the ‘heart’ of the building accommodating office entrances and possibly lined with cafes, bistros and galleries etc.