A14 – Barcode

Project details

Oslo, Norway

3,700 m²

Watrium AS



Project description

The A14 building is designed as an arbitrator between the Oslo Atrium (NielsTorp Architects 2003) and the “Barcode” development. Hence the vertical stone-clad gable motif will resemble and reflect the verticality of the corners of the Oslo Atrium and the vertical gables of the Barcodebuildings further to the east. The curved shape of the reflecting glazed west facade facing the Oslo Atrium gives light into and sight out from each of these buildings for the benefit of the people working in the two buildings and in the landscape between them.

A14 has a prominent position as a part of the row of facades that constitutes the backdrop for the Oslo Opera House and the new library. With its modest size, central position, and high quality it is attractive as representative offices.

The ground floor will offer a restaurant facing the public avenue in South, including an outdoor terrace. A prominent reception and lunch facilities for the office workers is placed in the ground floor as well.

This building is designed to the “passive house” standard that leaves only a modest carbon footprint. Being placed near the communication hub; the Oslo Central Station for train-, bus- and tube services, there are deliberately no car parks directly connected to the building, but a substantial bike parking- and cloakroom facility in the basement. There is a roof garden on level 7.