The proposal breaks dramatically away from the standard “closed box” shopping center formula to provide a real destination with positive, active experiences cantered around a dynamic meeting place.

The proposal is situated in the middle of the spectacular natural scenery of northern Norway. We have been inspired by this location and have brought elements of the landscape into the new building, the green roofs are a continuation of the surrounding hillsides, the white concrete reflects the coral sand from the nearby beach and the new lakes bring the essence of this location, the fjord, directly into the center.

We have established a sun-deck on the sloping roof, angled precisely to utilize the warmth of the evening sun and make the square a pleasant spot to spend the evening. This sloping roof can be used as an amphitheater for concerts and as an outdoor cinema in connection to the cinema within the center. The project is situated in Tromsø, within the arctic circle, where for two months in the winter there is no daylight. In our proposal, the outdoor areas are illuminated during winter with LED lights in full-spectrum, sun-equivalent colors important for well-being during these dark months. Importantly, during summer, the embracing form of the building creates a sheltered area to maximize the warmth of the northern sun.

Vegetation is used to attenuate the northerly wind and the new waterfall will screen the outdoor seating area from traffic noise.