Proposal for visitor center for sail boat Colin Archer

NIELSTORP+ is happy to present a proposal for an exhibition building in Larvik for legendary rescue ship known as Colin Archer. The boat is part of a series of rescue boats designed and built by legendary boat builder Colin Archer in the 1890s.

The aim is to create a landmark visitor center for what is a central piece of Norwegian naval history. Instead of building a house around a boat the proposal presents a transparent shell in glass, steel in aluminium with solar panels. The sculptural shape alludes to an installation more than a building.

In cold winter nights the boat is to be lit exuding a warmth like a light house in the nitght.

“The Colin Archer visitor center is to be a cultural center for all, usable for a multitude of purposes. While there may be boat on prominent display the building is for all kinds of activities” says Niels Torp.