Aker House

Fornebu, Bærum


Aker solutions


How can the building next to Telenor's new head office in Fornebu express its uniqueness while at the same time contributing to a simple and streamlined interaction with its prominent neighbor to the north? The new office building has received an architectural boost with simple but effective design elements in clear, solid curved shapes that stand out against Telenor's head office's more complex building structure. At the same time, the building's size serves as a mediator between the various structures and compositions that exist between the Telenor headquarters and the area where the old airport terminal at Fornebu once stood.

The entrance in the "ravine" between the two building masses leads straight to the reception area near the building's center of gravity, with visual contact to all the main destinations. The two curved wings create a compact and expressive courtyard facing the park and the fjord to the east.

The new building is designed according to a simple, clear, flexible and functional concept. In the large building, emphasis has been placed on clarity, simplicity and transparency. The facade materials define the outer enveloping shell which contrasts with the cladding of the inner courtyard, black anodised aluminum sheets against white marble. The interaction is clearly expressed at the entrance and where the building opens onto the fjord landscape.