Two great new architects join our team

Stian Fammestad and Jan Grøholt joins our team this fall. Both have been interns at our office previously. and are now returning to contribute to our workforce.

Jan Grøholt

Stian Fammestad

Jan Grøholt joins us after having completed his masters degree at the University of Edinburgh (ESALA):

“It seemed as a natural succession for me to continue my architectural career at NIELSTORP+ architects – as i started here as an intern. It’s exciting to be part of a team that has such excellent experience in all parts of the building process. It’s reflected in the architecture that this office produces.”

Stian Fammestad has completed his education at Bergen School of Architecture (BAS) and Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) . As well as his internship at NIELSTORP+ Architects, he has experience as the Design Assistant of Todd Saunders in Todd Saunders architecture. ​

“My interests are particularly focused on concept and early phase project development. Being able to understand people’s needs and desires is important. I think those considerations are particularily adressed at NIELSTORP+ Architects, as well as the ability to create something special out of it.”

We’re of course very proud to welcome both of these talented architects, look forward to see your great work manifested in new projects!