Tjuvholmen F3

Project details

Tjuvholmen, Oslo

19 300m²


Project description

Tjuvholmen F3:

The building varies in expression in relation to the external spaces it faces onto: towards Olav Selvaags Plass it is small scale and intimate, has a light transparent quality and is intended to appear set-back when seen against the dominant high corner building.

Towards the Oslo Fjord and the park area, we have given the building a solid and precisely formed external space to provide the residents with a little respite from city life. The building sits between the new canals which cross Tjuvholmen, Tjuvholmen Allé, Lille Stranden and The Promenade (facing on to Akershus fortress). The building is composed of three elements (see plan); building 31 (towards the north), building 32 (towards Olav Selvaags Plass), building 33 (towards the south) and building 34 (towards the southeast).


Most importantly, we have aimed to create a group of buildings that do not appear heavy, but which respond to the fact that the buildings are surrounded with water. We therefore used glass, metal cladding and fibre cement panels, with heavy materials restricted to the bases of the buildings. In this way we aim to express the transition between Aker Brygge’s stone and brick facades and the lighter expression planned for the rest of Tjuvholmen. Where the facades open onto balconies, coloured timber louvers are used to give these sitting areas a warm quality.

Building 32 has light facades with transparent printed glass panels backed with corrugated metal cladding towards Olav Selvaags Plass and towards Akershus Fortress. House 31 and 34 have steel cladding panels which are perforated and colour coated to create a slightly varying play of light, depending upon the direction of the sunlight that falls upon them. Building 31 has a dark tone whereas building 34 is slightly lighter.


The ground floor contains commercial space with its own entrances. There are three entrances to the residential areas, one to the office as well as a public passage which starts at the level of Olav Selvaags Plass (c+4,3) and gently rises up towards the centre of the building (c+3,4). This creates a sightline from the square, through the site and out to the fjord. Being raised in the middle also makes it light and open to walk along.

The central part of the building which the passage goes through is raised up on tall slender columns towards Olav Selvaags Plass. The passage is large and open, and the facade is for the most part transparent in order to bring light through the building from the southeast and into Olav Selvaags Plass, as well as to provide views from the square and out across the fjord and the open sky. This helps to give the square and open and airy quality.

An arcade was built along the canal. This and the deck inside of it are sunk down to c+1.6 to provide contact between the water and the building. The ground plane towards the corner of the promenade (facing Akershus Fortress) and Tjuvholmen Allé are sunk so that they meet the internal floor level. Cafes and restaurants are planned for the areas facing onto the canals and promenade. There is also an arcade on the ground and first floor along the facade that faces onto Tjuvholmen Allé, with the two lowest floors facing onto Olav Selvaags Plass and along The Promenade being slightly recessed in relation to the floors above.

Buildings 31,32 and 33 are linked together from the first floor up to the eighth floor, whereas building 34 stands alone to the southeast. Between buildings 31,32,33 and 34 the buildings form a horseshoe formed external space which is orientated towards the fjord. On the first floor of this space there is a private garden for the residents. In the upper floors, many of the apartments have a view onto this space and across the fjord.It is intended that this space will be lushly planted, with vegetation climbing up the walls within this space.

The first floor contains a large shared foyer for residents, with direct access onto the private communal garden. The foyer contains shared facilities such as a function room, lounge with fireplace, meeting room, gymnasium, kitchen and dining area and service functions. Two of the buildings main stair and lift cores are accessed from this area.

The main entrance to the residences in buildings 31, 32 and 33 is from Olav Selvaags Plass, via a stair from the public passage up to the garden from which the foyer is entered. Building 34 is entered through a foyer on The Promenade. The first floor consists primarily of offices and apartments.

The second to ninth floors contain apartments. The horse shaped external space facing onto the fjord has a distinct formal divide at the fifth floor level, being formed with curved balconies up to the fifth floor, and then with more rectilinear facade treatment thereafter, from the fifth to the eight floor.

To allow light in down to Olav Selvaags Plass the middle section of the building is set back above the sixth floor and the top floor in this area comprises of a free-standing glass cube. These contain duplex-apartments. Building 31, nearest to Aker Brygge rises up to 8 storeys with a slightly set back communal space with a roof terrace on the eight floor. Building 33 rises up to 9 storeys, but building 34 stops at 8 storeys.

In addition to the shared roof terrace, there are a number of private roof gardens located on levels 8 and 9.

The total floor area is approx:19 300 m²