OSL Hotel – Oslo Airport Gardermoen

Gardermoen, Norway


Radisson Blue (SAS)


The grand yet simple lines of the hotel subordinate themselves to those of the passenger terminal, railway station and control tower. The distinctive bowed shape of the building gives the hotel identity in relation to the rectanguar structure on the outer side of the traffic loop. Towards where the new railway line and station will be lovated, the hotel recedes to allow more light and space around the busy travel centre.

A smooth, firmly defined, grassy slope follows the planned railway track along the entire access area. This park-line feature is drawn right up to the hotel’s important main storey. The aim is to allow this natural greenery to dominate the public rooms, the vestibule, bars, meeting rooms and restaurants, as much as possible, as the hotel lies in the centre of Norway’s busiest communications hub. The hotel wings, housing the guest rooms, have been raised high on slim columns, permitting an unrestricted view beneath.