Hestra Park

Borås, Sweden



The site is divided into three clearly defined neighbourhoods, where the rows of houses in each of the neighbourhoods form the wall of the three large, open spaces, the ‘greens’.
The greens all have their own character, inviting social interaction, and in due course could be eqipped with open-air grilling facilities, pavilions, sheltered outdoor seating and play areas.
The three neighbourhoods are linked by a well-defined, attractive promenade, a narrow village street, with wide pavements for playing and local parking.

The pavements are laid with cobblestones and concrete flagstones and lined with trees; the rows of houses forming a wall to the street, as in the traditional village.
Apart from providing the residents with essential communal areas, the separate greens will contribute to give each house a unique quality.

All houses permit through-dayligh and make full use of the beautiful local landscape, unifying house and nature.

The aim was to create an attractive village, composed of simple, pure nordic houses.
The site possesses a rich variety of forms.
The details are simple, sober and elegant.