NIELSTORP+ wins competition in Larvik, Norway!

We are the proud winners of the architectural competition for Bergeløkka in Larvik, Norway!

The scheme consists of 36,000m² residential housing and 29,000m² commercial area situated between the lake Farrisvannet and the beautiful beech forest Bøkeskogen. Our proposal connects the view over the Farrisvannet, the developing city of Larvik and the spectacular and unique beech forest. The site has noise pollution challenges, which we have tackled by building up the landscape and forming a gentle green ridge towards the E18 highway, creating a peaceful environment suitable for housing. The beech forest forms a backdrop to the proposal and is within short walking distance to the city centre, making it a perfect location for development. Our client, Fritzøe Eiendom, has played a central part in developing the city and preserving its rich and fascinating history, we are proud to weave our part of this history.