NIELSTORP+ architects participates in Holmenkollstafetten 2019!

This team from our office proudly ran the Holmenkollstafetten 2019 – great job!!

The team consisted of:
Erik “The Boss” Reiten
Hanne “Greased Lightning” Hiorth
Anette “Geoparden” D. Bruun
Marte “Now You See Me Now You Don’t” Kramer Riseng
Gaute “Halleluja” Grønmo
Øyvind “Autobahn” Bay
Kristoffer “Lynvingen” Eriksen Gresseth
Benjamin “No Worries” Marks
Daniel “Dust Gets In Your Eyes” Silva
Herman “”Yippee-ki-yay” Hagelsteen
Christian “Eye Of The Tiger” Frisell
James “Veni, vidi, vici” Dugdale