Toyota Showroom What

Project details

Oslo, Norway

Project description

The Toyota Showroom is located in Hvam north of Oslo on a site adjacent to the E6 highway that runs north via Oslo Gardermoen airport north to Trondheim. The concept is based around an organic roof form that works its way up from the lower ground level wrapping up above the upper ground and first floor to form an aerodynamic shape. This shape is then extruded to form the showroom enclosure with the car service bays located underneath. The dynamic roof form is clad in metal panels reflecting the car industry whilst glimmering in the sunlight providing an attraction for passersby.

The concept behind the scheme was to present a surprising picture of Toyota that was easily recognizable, a distinctive and memorable form to the hundreds and thousands of vehicles that pass the site each day. Set over three levels, the building is slightly set into the sloping site with the service and repair workshop located on the lower ground level with the car showroom located on the upper ground level, with offices and meeting rooms located on a mezzanine on the second level.

The service and repair workshops open out at ground level providing a seamless transition into the terrain, while glazing at a higher level provides natural daylight into the workshops. The public arrive at the southeastern corner of the site with and can choose to go directly to the workshops or continue on a ramped access that leads along the length of the building to the customer car park at the western end. Here a gentle ramp leads customers up into the elevated car showroom.

The west glazed gable facade presents a window to the E16 highway, whilst the east façade presents a window to the public as they enter the site. We have created a simple and rational structure that is repeated throughout the length of the building that provides an economically effective structural solution.

The project is designed to be sustainable and is positioned on an east west axis, with double height glazed facades to the east and west gable ends of the extruded dynamic roof form. North and south facing glazing is kept to a minimum, whilst the roof is cantilevered out at the gables to shade from direct sunlight.