Nils Ericson Terminal

Gothenburg, Sweden


1. Prize inv. arch. competition, Kasper Salin Prize 1996, European Award for steelstructures 1997, Stoneprize 1997


The bus terminal is divided into a movement zone and a seating zone in connection with the 'streets' facing Nils Ericsonsplatsen, as is evident from the asymmetric section above. The long, main space and an intimacy that provides a direct link with the original railway hall.

At the point where the bus terminal boldly penetrates the railway terminal, we cut out the inverse space so that the lines of the bus terminal section can run over into and be reproduced in the old railway station hall.

The aim of the bus terminal itself is to upgrade the experience of the bus journey, and we have tried to imbue the terminal with something of the anticipatory sense of travel.