Sparebank 1 Tromsø

Project details



Sparebank1 Nord Norge


Project description

Our brief was to rehabilitate and upgrade the quarter connected to the beloved “red bank” in Tromsø. Sparebank1 Nord-Norge is the client, they will have their headquarters on the upper levels in the main building.

The city quarter called “Rødbankkvartalet (The Red Bank Quarter)” will now consist of both the older rehabilitated buildings and a brand new building. All are located around a common new glass atrium that connects them.

On the ground floor, there are cafes and restaurants open to the public. The quarter was previously closed and compact, but the ground floor is now more open and inviting. This will revitalize the small streets and outdoor areas south facing the park, previously not very active areas. The quarter will generate openness and vibrancy on the city’s most central plot.

We have met today’s technical requirements while optimizing antiquarian and aesthetic design.

The original quality architecture has been gently restored and rehabilitated, as well as designing the new buildings with efficient and modern office solutions.

The windows in the two older buildings have been reconstructed to original standard; wooden windows which are historically correct based on original drawings and photos.

The architecture of the new building is subservient to the older buildings. The same color and type of granite is used as in the old buildings. The new volumes have staircases and scaling that are well adapted to the older buildings.