Skorpa, Kristiansund


1. prize architectural competition 2007

Under development

Building type: Residential
Size: 24 000m²
Awards: 1. Prize arch. competition 2007

The island Skorpa is almost wholly undeveloped and its natural splendour is unmarred on the side facing the open sea. The building development delineates clearly between the virgin ocean side and the building zone on the inside, which faces the city of Kristiansund. The development will consist of clusters of houses, community “flotillas” in the unspoiled landscape. All technical encroachments are limited to each neighbourhood development in which the buildings are tightly grouped to shelter central courtyards of various designs. Residents need to drive right up to their front doors in a harsh climate like this. The houses are low-built and robust in character. The approach to the development would be made like a park drive that would give the general public better access to this charming island. A sports ground and a small commercial centre would be snugly fit between the knolls furthest out on the North East.