Maxbo Hvam

Project details

Hvam, Skedsmo


Project description


This large hardware and building supplies mart is located on and exposed and demanding lot close to the freeway between Oslo and its Gardermoen Airport. The building is by itself in the open, visible to the public from all sides. Therefore it has been designed with four different “main façades” with no rear, a building that signals an invitation to be discovered in stages. As a motorist pulling a trailer you drive into a glass-roofed street between racks of lumber and brick blocks.  As a professional you can pick up your purchases from an intermediate warehouse. As a regular shopper you park in the lot facing the long, curved façade and find the entrance below an enticing canopy. As a potential customer driving on the freeway you can see at least three of the building’s façades and hopefully be tempted to pay a visit sometime. All the signs are gathered on a luminous and clearly technical glass structure. The materials used on the façades and interior floors, walls and ceiling are each readily apparent with their distinctive characters. Vividly contrasting colours are used indoors.