Maxbo Drammensveien

Drammensveien 230, Oslo

10 000 + 17 600m²

Løvenskiold Vækerøe


The builders merchant is situated in an unique location alongside the Oslo Fjord in Vækerø. There has been a timber yard here for more than 350 years, selling timber from the woods owned by Løvenskold, which are located surrounding Oslo.
The main estate and the company offices are also situated in Vækerø, in a beautiful parkland setting. However, the facilities and physical environment were in need of extensive renewal.
We established a clearly defined entrance square which provides a connection to the sea and defines the border between the builders merchant and the offices.
The builders merchant is very exposed to the main motorway leading into Oslo, and shields the entrance area that is located towards the fjord, whereas the office buildings are more peacefully positioned towards the preserved historic park and the fjord.
We have emphasised that the building itself should help market both the location and the company. The facade is of dressed masonry, with various eye-catching elements that are intended to be experienced from passing cars at speed.

A ventilation tower clad with horizontal glass panels carries the firm’s signboard.
A brightly coloured and airy canopy structure with red louvers binds the delivery area and building together and a large glazed area reveals both the contents and activity taking place within the warehouse.
The entrance elevation has a softer expression. A curved facade, clad in sea-water resistant aluminium, leads to a generously covered entrance area with the scale relating to both the fjord and the surrounding landscape. This in turn opens towards the fjord and a café area with a terrace.
The interior is organised around a double height space, with an elevator, stairs, and moving walkway. This allows for easy orientation and clear circulation within the large warehouse, as well as providing an overview of the different elements within the warehouse, with the large glazed sections forming connection points back to the surrounding landscape.