Haavard Martinsens vei 34

Oslo, Norway

2 070m²

Astrup AS


The project consists of a 90 meter long and 23 meter wide stock machine for plates and long goods. Niels Torp Architects have been responsible for the design of facades, and the preparation of the landscape plan around the new building.
The special thing about this project is that we have not designed a building where we place a machine inside, but on the contrary built the machine with the shelf system first, and then dressed it with sidings (facades).

As this is an extension to the existing warehouse building, we  continue with the dimensions, modules and materials so that the new and the old are bound together into a whole. For the same reason, we have completed the row of trees along the road to the end of the building

Brick, metal cladding and glass are materials that have been maintained in the new building.
A 10 meter modular facade shown in the vertical slot with the polished stainless steel bottom. The main materials are present pre-weathered corrugated zinc plates and bricks, is thus broken by the shiny steel that reflects the sky. This allows the facade to appear as independent sheets, which makes the impression less compact.

The various metals that are used in the facade are supplied by Astrup and reflect the company’s operations as metal wholesaler.