Project details

Oslo, Norway

8 000m²



Project description

Forskningsparken is a Research and Innovation centre located inOslo. The Centre contains more than 140 companies, with approximately 1700 people working within the buildings.Niels Torparchitects were first commissioned by Forskningsparken in the late 1980’s to develop the first phase, and have designed several additions to the centre, with latest buildings completed in 2007.

The buildings flank a small river and are set within a landscaped park and range in height between four and six storeys. A central covered street provides the axis for the scheme with the buildings hung earthier side. The street acts as a focal point to each area, containing circulation areas and allowing daylight deep into the building, and also dispersing any heat build up. The buildings are based on a 2.3m x 2.3m module and are flexible so they can be adapted to the changing needs of the centre. Sustainable design has been a major factor and the latest buildings have been designed to an energy consumption target of  120KWh/m² per year. The facades have a 35% glazed area, with solar shading provided to the south and west facades to prevent over heating in the summer months. The windows are designed to maximise natural daylight penetration into the building, whilst the thermal mass of the concrete slabs is exposed to cool the internal air in the summer and warm internal air in the winter.